Anchorage Alaska Pilates – Hybrid Pilates Boot-Camp

Anchorage Alaska Pilates – Hybrid Pilates Boot – Camp Workouts is designed to help you – Lose 2 1/2 to 4 inches in two weeks!

Pilates-Reformer-ClassJumpstart your Pilates with our 2-week Pilates Boot Camp!

This course is designed for beginners. Also, many Studio One clients have repeated this class after back pain or as a way to refresh their Pilates basics.

The first week of Boot Camp emphasizes the foundational skills necessary to achieve a flatter midsection, stronger core; and supported, healthy back, neck and shoulders. Workouts will increase in intensity during the second week while still maintaining a low-impact style that is safe for joints. Many people are referred to this course by their physical therapists, naturopaths and chiropractors!

Whatever your goals may be, the Studio One Pilates program is the most effective way to safely jumpstart your Pilates Exercise routine.

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